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Private Equity Consulting

Experts in Home Health, Homecare, Hospice, Behavioral Health, and Technology Sectors

Strategic Industry Analysis and Investment Advisory

Having subject matter experts at the forefront of the investment process is a critical first step to ensure success. Select the right opportunity and avoid surprises. Our expert industry knowledge and operational experience enable us to independently analyze the industry trends, regulatory environment, competitive environment, and future potential market changes before you identify your platform investment.

Target Identification

Find good companies to invest in. Finding the right platform company is an important step. Once you assess the industry, you are interested in maximizing your strategic positioning and scaling growth by investing in the right add ons. Engage in the proper company due diligence to understand that market value and avoid costly mistakes. Define de novo vs. M&A approaches to achieve your growth plans and exit strategy.

Portfolio Company Value Enhancements

Private Equity investments' success depends on their portfolio companies' success. What happens from the concept inception and platform identification until the company exit will define the success rate. Let us help you put your portfolio company on the right path through expert advice on company operations, navigation of the regulatory landscape, and understanding of the strategic positioning in the competitive market. 

M&A Subject Matter Due Diligence

Having subject matter experts at the forefront of the investment process is a critical first step to ensure success. Selecting the right opportunity and avoiding surprises. Expert industry knowledge and operational experience enable us to provide an independent analysis of the industry trends, regulatory environment, and future potential changes with support at all stages of the M&A lifecycle

Post - Merger Integration

Experts estimate that between 70 to 90 % of mergers and acquisitions fail. Common reasons include inadequate due diligence before the transaction and a poorly planned out and executed post-integration plan. Let our seasoned industry advisors guide your portfolio companies using our best integration management strategies:

  • Define technological, culture, talent, and process synergies to capture the value.

  • Develop future operating models in the post-integrated world.

  • Design and implement integrated business flows, processes, and people.

  • Build organization by managing change.

More services

Healthcare Consulting

Get expert advice on your business goals and objectives

Identify areas of improvement, and streamline operations and outcomes.

Improve your organizational Quality Assurance and Performance, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes

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Mergers & Acquisition

Performing a transaction alone could result in expensive errors. Business owners are being approached directly with offers to sell their businesses. With a buyer in hand, many move forward without taking the necessary steps to maximize the value of their companies.

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